Below Chapter 2 Preview


I’ll just leave this here. Drawing isn’t fast enough!

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Below Series Debut

below_v01_000The first chapter is up! Writing manga is remarkably hard. I could’ve done a 4koma or a school slice-of-life, but I think that’s way too easy and overdone.

You can read it here:

This is how the reader works:
-zooming in or out involves holding “Ctrl” while pressing “+” or “-”
-flipping pages is done using the arrow keys
-it reads right to left, top to bottom

It updates about every 2 months (maybe earlier). I have to get more plot points and designs done.

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A Preview


Almost, almost done. What a nightmare!

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I’ll just leave this here.



These are 4 pages from a 54-page chapter I’m working on. There are 8 left to ink. I have yet to add screentones and text and to do the colour spread. I feel the pressure…

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Not Dead

I haven’t been able to post in the past two months because of work and finding new topics to talk about in this blog.

With that in mind, here are six pages (three spreads) from a comic I ‘ve been working on.




These still need screentones. Making an original work is harder than I expected!

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Elminage World Guidance


This is a recent book I ordered from Hobbysearch. It covers the artwork for a dungeon crawling series called Elminage, namely the first three games. The book is split into five sections focusing on the lore; the playable races; the playable jobs; the non-player characters; and the monsters.

It starts off with the boxart for each game (although there is also more art between the second and third piece)

002003It’s really obvious this series takes from Wizardry because this guy shows up004Near the end of the book, there are rough concepts for most of the monsters 005Along with interviews with two of the artists 006007When I flag on my work, I enjoy reminding myself of what these guys used to work on the images 008

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Sheridan Censorship

I’ve been working on a mobile app. There are some differences between the original art and what actually shows up. Personally, it probably doesn’t make much difference since most people would rather focus on how many people are actually in the line rather than what they look like.

They’re meant to show how many people are in line in a certain coffee shop at the school campuses but they show the amount anyway just in the tab for different stores.

coffeeAlso, most of these show up in the summer (when there are considerably less people).

Here are some notable ones with my comments on top. The left image is the original; the right is after the edits.

I liked Borat’s swimsuit, so here it is.007

African type people seem to like comics a lot. And the Flash as a superhero is an interesting concept.


I wanted to see how far I could take this one. I guess it went too far.

Same for this one. 004

And this one.


I’m sure what people were wearing back then wasn’t just limited to fibre. 003

There are some really large people in Sheridan. 002I’m not sure people should feel any safer, despite how much cleaner a Poisonous Headcrab looks. 001The only difference is the bandaid.

011Invisible people do not show up very well on the app.


Some people actually wear pants this low. It was not meant to be.

Anyway, here is the app for Google Play. I know it exists in the Apple Store as well.

Here is also the other artist who did work for the app before me.

I hope this post was edifying in any way.

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