Old American Comics

My dad brought his collection of old comics from our country. He collected them because he liked reading them. These were published by the Gilberton Company as “Classics Illustrated”,a series that adapts the works of famous authors for younger readers. Since they were published possibly before the Comics Code, they are full of stereotypes, violence, guns and crossdressing. It reminds me a lot of reading Japanese comics, except that these comics are wordier and have slightly harder-to-follow panels. Like Japanese comics, these are also printed on newsprint, so I have to be really careful flipping the pages.

This is an adaptation of Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” The main character really reminds me of the Batman villain Scarecrow, especially his lankiness and his nose.


horseman002 hoseman003

This excerpt is from William Wilkes Collins’s novel The Moonstone. I don’t think the story could get away with some of the Indian stereotypes or the violence shown today.

moon001 moon002 moon003 moon004

After  the comics, there was often a page long article about the author (if the work was an adaptation) followed by a page long story. This one comes after The Moonstone adaptation, about a heroic German Shepherd named Queenie.


Lastly, here are some pictures I drew when I was a toddler at the back of the book. I loved reading the comics, so maybe that’s why I drew in it.

art001 art002

I have no idea what they are-and I did try to fix up the book as much as was left of it.

The accessibility and the lack of compromises for what they show in the comics remind me why I like Japanese comics so much. Since it is an adaptation, they do omit smaller details, but it sure made me want to learn more about the original work.

All the comics and articles are owned by Gilberton Company Inc. The last two pictures are by me.


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