Things I Learnt After My First Dōjin

I learned a lot of things after completing it, namely

Plan the page layout before doing anything.

It gives you an idea as to how the book will look in the end. My set had a book about making copies, but it was a bit hard to read, so I just made a demo book out of newprint and took it apart.

Photocopy the cover after you ink it. Color the photocopy.

This might not apply if you put the margin lines in pencil, but after finishing the cover, I got scared that the blue outline might show up in color copies.

Applying screentones is the most time-consuming thing besides inking.

I could only do 2 pages at most a day. I also had to keep going back to inking because I realized some areas were too small for screentone.

White out is your friend.

Every page in my master copy uses white out for effects and the amount of mistakes I kept making.

Don’t make it too long.

I’m glad I didn’t do more than 20 pages.

It takes a lot longer than it looks.

Don’t underestimate how much time and effort it takes to make one.

That’s all that I’ve learned about it so far. I hope it helps in any way.


About Katrina

I graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor's in Animation.
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2 Responses to Things I Learnt After My First Dōjin

  1. anon. says:

    hi. do you have skype?

    • Katrina says:

      I apologize, but I do not. Is it possible to send me an email? I feel I can respond better that way. The email is in the “About” tab.

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