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(Some) Problems with the Industry

I’ve been busy with my work, so I wanted to share some of the notes from my “Planning Notes”. I make these because they keep me motivated and help me point out the absurdities of any situation. Here are some … Continue reading

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Black Inventory

Black is very important to making manga. If the ink isn’t dark enough, then the print will not come out well. Consider that manga is often printed on cheap newprint using a mass production printer. (I think of the newspaper … Continue reading

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Things I Learnt After My First Dōjin

I learned a lot of things after completing it, namely Plan the page layout before doing anything. It gives you an idea as to how the book will look in the end. My set had a book about making copies, … Continue reading

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Puella Magi Charlotte-chan

I finished my first fan comic. It’s called “Puella Magi Charlotte-chan”. It’s  about the mishaps of the two Charlottes, Mami, and Kyubey. It’s 20 pages long. Almost everything is done by hand.  Here is the first page as a sample. … Continue reading

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A Fourth Update

I’ve done the screentone for all the pages. All that’s left is the cover and maybe the extra stuff.My supply of screentones are almost completely decimated after this. Otherwise, I’m glad I was able to complete what I’ve done so … Continue reading

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