Mangafox Criticism

Mangafox is a site that hosts scanlations of manga. I recently learnt from a forum that they are known for making money off other people’s hard work. This post supports the statement:

To quote certain parts of the article:

“Prozess, one of the most popular translators in the scene, working for several groups and on several manga, just the other day quit because readers called him greedy for not allowing the releases on MangaFox, after releasing a ton of massive chapters altogether. That’s because they are “MangaFox only readers”.””

“For a translator…recognition is all he gets. Translators quit easily, when they discover that the people they hoped would praise them, act spoiled by wanting a corporation to make money upon his groups’ and the mangaka’s work.”

“On MangaFox they say we earn money… I even take coding jobs to be able to afford this server. And I give away my software, which is completely legal software, unlike the scans. And no, we don’t use Adsense either (we actually were banned from it because of lolicon discussions…)
This actually pained me a lot (they saying we are making profit, not the lolicon thing), because my pocket money flows out, while I don’t have a job and release industrial-level software for free. Maybe I’m stupid, or I just care too much about how people read manga.”

Another group, FTH Scans, also bemoans against using Mangafox:

“…we have our own ONLINE READER and we’d love it if you went there rather than to MangaFox or anyone else! Not only is the quality superior, but you’re also not putting money in the hands of someone who is using it to line his own pockets rather than contribute to scanlation.”

Mangafox has had the unfortunate consequence of ruining the relationship between an author and possible translators:

If you want to support the translators, then I suggest using Batoto. The images are higher quality and the site is supported by the translators.

I hope this post was helpful in anyway.


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