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Mangafox Criticism

Mangafox is a site that hosts scanlations of manga. I recently learnt from a forum that they are known for making money off other people’s hard work. This post supports the statement: To quote certain parts of the article: … Continue reading

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Reading Manga

I decided to add a side link of  translation groups whose manga I read. The works would probably get less recognition without these people. Please be aware that they might not update regularly because they probably do it as a … Continue reading

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A Third Update

I’m straddling between inking and putting on screentones. Screentones take probably as much time as inking. I might have to buy more tone. I hope I can finish soon.

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Another Update

I still have to fill in areas I’ve designated as black. I’m also still correcting mistakes. Hopefully I can get it done!

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Using White

Manga is known for using black. However, white is just as important. Here are some of its uses: -correcting mistakes -making strands of hair -stars -snow -the shine in a person’s eyes Here are what I currently use to make … Continue reading

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Now that the inking is done, I need to erase the pencil marks. This is important because it might show up in print if you don’t get rid of it. Here is the eraser I used. It’s larger than ordinary … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

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