Recommended Books

Sorry for the really long update. I’ve had a lot of work to do, even now. For now, I’ll write about some interesting books I’ve encountered.

This one is Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics. It was published in 1983 by Frederik L. Schodt. While studying in Japan, he found it interesting that his Japanese colleagues would read lots of comics. The book explains the history of the medium and the many influences on it. It touches a little on Japanese animation because of how close the two mediums are. Here is the author’s site:

This is the October 2007 issue of Wired, an American magazine. The 10 page manga written by Jason Thompson and Okura Atsuhisa describes the history of manga from the American point of view. A pdf of the article can be found here:

If I find any other manga-related things, I will let you know. Hopefullly I can update more often!

These books are copyrighted to their respective owners.


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I graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor's in Animation.
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