Arm Exercise

I learned this from one of my teachers. This is something anyone can do before drawing. It’s preferable to use a writing utensil you feel comfortable with on cheap paper (like newsprint).

The paper I'll be using. I do this exercise a lot, so I use newsprint. It can be found in dollar stores.

Woodless charcoal attached to a pencil lengthener. I'm using this to show the lines better. Both can be found in art stores.

Draw a straight line diagonally towards the left. Try to steady your entire arm.

The next line shoud be another diagonal line but towards the right.

If you keep alternating the direction you make your lines, it should look like this.

Now draw a straight line from the top to the bottom.

And again from bottom to top.

Draw a horizontal line from the right to the left.

And again from left to right.

The paper should now look like this.

Now try to draw circles. The biggest circles should use your arm movement. Then your elbow; your wrist; and the smallest being your fingers. For this one, I started left to right.

Now go from right to left.

You really notice what direction you started in if you do spirals. This one I started from left to right.

This spiral I started right to left.

Finished. Hope this reduces arm cramps.


About Katrina

I graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor's in Animation.
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